How to remove password from PDF

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Have you ever been in a situation when you want to remove document open passwords for Credit card statement, government-issued document, insurance documents, billing notices, bank statements or from any other protected file? If yes, then all your queries will get resolved here because in this blog we have illustrated the simplest way to remove any password or any other security permanently from PDF document.

Remove password or any other security using PDFFiddler Playground in easy steps

  • Write/Copy Paste this simple script in script section and replace the <Old Password will come here> with original password

//load document with password 
doc = load($input[0], "<Old Password will come here>")
//Set password to blank

  • Click on Run Button, on Top Right of the Page

  • Voila! Download output PDF, without having any password.

The above example is a pretty simple one, but, we can do many other complex tasks, using PDFFiddler Playground. For example,

  • if we want to remove the old password and set the new password, then just change the script little bit as below

//Set password to new one
doc.setPassword("<New Password will come here>")
  • if we want to remove all security, such as master password and user password, then simply change as below

//Just add this line

There are dozens of predefined common templates already present in PDFFiddler Playground to help you to start with.

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