Convert PDF to Image

Convert PDF to Image using PDFFiddler Playground

If you working with PDF you may end up on requirement where you may want to create an image from PDF document. In this blog, we will walk you through the steps to export PDF pages as high-quality images using the simplest API of the PDFFiddler platform.

Upload the PDF document to PDFFiddler platform (refer below screenshot)

After that, we write the simple script to select a specific page and convert it as image

//Load input document
doc = load($input[0])
//Convert page to image at 200%
im1 = doc.getPage(1).toImage(2) 
//output document
outputImage(im1, "image100")

In case, you want to convert all pages in pdf to images you need to simply change the script

Iterate all PDF pages and export them as images

doc.getPages().each{i -> 

that is the real benefit of PDFFiddler powerful scripting language, you can modify the script based on your requirement. Here are some the complex requirement we got from our client like

  1. First, hide some information in PDF and then convert it to Image ( please refer our redact blog for hiding information )

  2. Convert only those pages who contain specific keywords

Feel free to refer our standard template related grouping Image Extraction, Redaction, Find text in the page


We make it very easy for people to automate the process, according to your business need. If you need any help to connect your apps or have any business requirement, then you want to drop us a mail at [email protected]