Advance Grouping and Merging

Updated: May 4, 2020

Organisation or Individuals generally wasting 15% fo time managing their documents in proper structure format . this can be more more painful when you get different type of document from different source.

just imagine a lawyer or accountant who has deal with hundred of client and their thousand of document each week (payslip , expense , invoices , rent slip etc..).

In this blog we’re going to automate the grouping of a PDF document the PDFFiddler platform . This process can be applied to any other any type of pdf document.

Problem Statement -:

Suppose i am accountant who got multiple document through out day from his client related to accounting . At end of day he want to group all the document that related related to same client wise so can use it for future reference.

But problem here by just looking the filename he doesn't which this file belong to which client or which type

For sake of example lets assume

C1 has sent him three document Invoice1,Invocie2 ,

C2 has sent him four document Invoice3,Invocie4

Step1-: Open PDFFiddler Playground

Step2-: We will upload all the 4 document as mentioned in below screenshot

Step 3-: Preview the any one uploaded PDF, and then click and draw the region, where company name is present. Region variable popup will appear. Name it as company_name

This is how another invoice look for reference

As you see we selected the region where company name is mentioned, As we told earlier we want to group the invoices by client who has different company name so we select that as criteria for grouping ( we are to free to choose any other region which has address ,name etc)

Step 4-: now add the below script

//load input document
doc = loadAll($input)

//group by region
groupedInvoices = group(doc, [$companyname])

//output document
output(groupedInvoices , "grouped")

Step 5-: Click on Run Button and check the output ( 2 pdf in output for each company name where each pdf has 2 invoice )

We got output of grouped pdf files.

Feel free to refer our standard template related grouping Grouping


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