Add Barcode to PDF

Add Barcode to PDF with PDFFiddler Playground

In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at some of the barcodes that PDFFIddler can generate and add to your PDF

PDFFiddler platform provides API come with some industry-standard barcode service like USPS, Australia Post, Korea post and Royal mail post, even its support to create custom barcode

Import the PDF in PDFFiddler platform(refer below screenshot)

Open the PDF in our viewer and draw the region where you want to add the barcode in the PDF (refer below screenshot)

In this example we save the region name with "barcode" but you choose any name.

Copy & Paste the below script to add the USPS barcode in the pdf

//Load input document
doc = load($input[0])

//USPS IMB with tracking code 01234567094987654321
doc.getPage(1).addBarcode(USPSIMB, "01234567094987654321", $barcode)
output(doc, "USPSIMBNoZip")

Runt the script and you will get the output PDF

Similarly, you can add the different type of Barcode, please refer our standard template for creating different type of barcode

Korea Post

Royal Mail Post

Australia Post

Custom QR code

List of Barcode currently support by our platform -- PDFFiddler Documentation


We make it very easy for people to automate the process. If you need help to connect your apps or have an API that you want drop us a mail at [email protected]